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Prismacolor Premier colored pencils and fine line marker review. Looking for More Online Deals? Please note that Amazon prices tend to change often so prices may be higher or lower without notice. This post contains affiliate links. I tried it today and it was simple and fast for me to get it nice and straight.

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This will be great when I need a nice ponytail. I missed this last night I am so excited to get this. I shared this morning hope I get in on the free one. I ordered one last time. Man,I need this. And I need this.. I shared. Just got mine in the mail today and tried it. Ordered the spray as well. I love the smell of the protectant! There is going to be a lot of hair flying around the kitchen when you cook not a good idea to do that in a kitchen.

Karla have you contacted the company… we use ours a LOT I am sorry to hear you are having trouble with it. They want good reviews and are normally very quick to offer solutions. Hope that helps. Love mine my 8 year old uses it on her own and she does great. I also has short A line and it works great on my hair also.

Not real happy got this for my daughter for Christmas and it will not heat up anymore. Has anybody else had any problems. This straightener is amazing. I suck at doing hair not a good thing with 2 daughters! Love it! This thing is hard to clean. If anyone has any ideas please tell me. This is almost like the one I already bought.

I this video as well. Unfortunately, not for me. It only takes me less than a half hour now to straighten my hair. Yay I ordered one. I am soo hoping this will cut down on my straightening time. I actually quit flat ironing my hair bc it too too long. Mine came to But still a great deal.

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I will get mine Thursday. Chimene Mullins I just ordered one to try. Use their link if you like it and it will take you to Amazon and put in this code before you pay: I definitely believe it takes that long to straighten her hair. I myself have thick and usually pretty curly hair and it takes me a good hour or so to straighten it because I have to do it in sections even on the hottest setting.

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Pamela Vincent Bermudez you need this it is amazing! Look at that curly hair! I have thus and it is so much better then a regular straightener. Yippee I got it ordered before they were sold out again. My DIL has one and loves it. Made ha huge difference and my hair is not thick or curly. Best product I have ever bought!! Thank you!!

Ordered the straightener, brush and spray, but got the other spray- so thanks for the thin hair spray recommendation!! Just spent 2 hours at the salon getting my 5yr olds hair straightened to get 12 inches trimmed cost She is 13 and can use it herself!! Ordering mine, still a great price! What was the other product you used? It shows backwards to the viewer. I had one of these brush straighteners and returned it.

Did not straighten my thick hair fyi. You talked me into it! Just ordered mine for I have fairly curly hair but have Fibro so straightening is out for me. I almost bought a heated brush. Is that true? Does the spray make your hair oily? What kind of wet brush do you use? I straighten my hair every day and I am curious about this, but skeptical if it will do the same or better.

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I want one. My budget is too tight right now , even at that super price. I hope I win My hair is like Courtneys hair. I love to watch your family. Your kids ever get embarrassed?? My only child gets embarrassed when I act silly. I just bought it! My daughter and I have really curly hair and I am so excited to save time in the mornings. I ordered mine on Friday and got it yesterday. Of course once my daughter was in bed I tried it out! My hair is super thick and curly..

Lol I slept on it last night and this morning it looks just the same! Ok I have extremely thick hair and I have purchased a similar product and it just made my hair poof!! I watched this video ok Friday and decided, since it was on sale and I could use my prime, I would give it a try. We are now believers!!!!! My daughter has extremely curly and thin hair.

Took me maybe 10mins to do my hair. It typically takes me mins to straighten my hair. Hope I win, really need this. This is awesome. This would definitely help my daughter and myself with our hair. Thanks for showing this to us. I have one. Works well. I kept burning my fingers on the bristles! Can it be used on wet hair? I have a wet to dry flat iron but that takes so long with thick hair and blow drying is super poof.

S the roots are not straight.

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Geez people, she can wipe off the kitchen counter, quit worrying about the kitchen, this is about the brush! Love these! I definitely need one. We have them listed here http: All the info is here http: All the info here http: Lots of stores have them… but some brands DO NO work very well so make sure you buy one that can be returned if you do not like it. Fb did some update and some people this type screen when they go live im watching late but wasnt sure if you knew lol. Yes we LOVE them http: If you do not want to watch you can just read about it here http: FYI I accidentally added 2 to cart and it doubled the discount.

I remember in the past you saying only one discount. But I only ordered one so not sure what would happen at checkout. Thanks again! Best of both worlds.. Is this a ionic straightener? That was the only one that could keep my hair straightened in humidity. Alot of flat iron could straighten my hair, but only one could keep it that way. TWO winners were picked live in the video Kristen Marie and Kristin Hrusovsky you have 48 hours to claim your prize or another winner will be selected.

Please send me a private message. I ordered one and me in the middle is a glimpse of the thick tamed the curls that pic but they are curly!! Christin St. Me and my sister need this so bad we have super thick and frizzy hair and it takes forever to fix. I would really love to have one of those straighter brushes and does it work on fuzzy hair too. Her hair looks greasy weird to me! Received mine yesterday I try it this morning and I love it absolutely amazing result with my curly hair Thank you.

This was a total impulse buy from watching your thread Uf62c. It was so easy and fast to use!! Thank you for the great price to!! Sarah-Jeremy Gross-Bernardi I know you were looking for a good quality hair straighten brush. I have had a few different ones and this one by far is the best! I can speak for myself yes to straighten curly hair like that takes 1. So how many per brush pull to get a piece straight? Desperate mom needing to cut hair straighting hair time, to enjoy more kiddo time!

I love the fact this is live, and you can see how it truly works verses a infomercial. I will try and let you all know if the price drops again. Hair should be brushed from the bottom and gradually worked from the roots to the ends. She is just ripping her hair. The brush is going to break the hair causing damage and split ends. Coconut oil is awesome for curly hair! I am a busy mother and would love this so my 11 year old daughter can do it herself to give me more time to do other things! A Thrifty Mom thank u, just ordered mine!

If they sold out at the lower price, then why would you now sell them higher??? Can you say rip off? Thank you so much. A Thrifty Mom I just noticed that the girl with really curly hair still had curls right up close to her scalp when they were finished. The way the brush has the bristles it gets CLOSE but does not burn you… you can kind of see how we did it in the video. This would be so nice my hair is past my butt and my daughter has hair just like mine we could so use this.

I need this so bad because my hair is really thick and curly and it takes forever to straightnen and its not even that straight. If you look at the review on Amazon, a customer with type 4c hair tried it on her daughter and it for it straight. It would be great if it did. We have all types of hair some of us have hair like the pretty girl with the real curly hair. Some of us hair is a courser that that. I would love to see. Demo on different types of ethnic hair.

This was live last night.. Honey for your to say you hate someone because they will not say your name is a bit harsh. Lori Hoover Smith me too! I had some credit with Amazon so I only paid I ordered one last night too. I got it for I like to buy one. Please let me know or please reserve one for me and I will come and buy it. Do either of these sprays make your hair feel like straw? All heat protectant sprays tend to make my hair feel like straw. I currently use the Chi spray. How does this work on fine hair?

Brush dance coupon codes

I have a different straightening brush and it pulls out so much hair. Does that redkin spray make your hair feel like straw? All heat protectant sprays make my hair feel like straw. Heat protectant sprays tend to make my hair feel like straw. Do either one of those sprays give your hair that straw feeling?

All the details here http: Marvin Reid All the details here http: Chryiss Seese All the details here http: Semim Ramji All the details here http: Ann Lilly All the details here http: Loretta Renner Farriester All the details here http: Susan Browning All the details here http: Susan Quarles Smith All the details here http: Fran Gates All the details here http: Was just being sarcastic as so many people were saying….

Like I posted…so many critics!!!! Oh and btw…. I still think you did great!!! Jennifer Lajeunesse All the details here http: Carol Katgara All the details here http: Lynne Jones All the details here http: They sold out of the promo price… I knew they would go fast. Yes, they are the same RozayJo Ojeda. I believe the one the right is the newer packaging as it is the one I currently see in stores. I have hair like hers , so I know it takes 2hrs! But I like some big curls on the bottom can you do that with this brush?

Going to try it on my 5 year old today. She has thin, already mostly straight hair all the way down to her butt. Trying to smooth it out a bit. The real test will be when I use it on my own and my older daughters hair which is more like the model. I used coupon code: Excited to get mine!!!!! Spread the love. It gives you natural healthy silky looks rather than flat burnt look and leaves your hair easy to manage.

Work between VV,Make it way easier for curly hair, Straight and frizz-free hair in just several minutes, also provides a massaging effect that benefits the scalp and simulates hair follicles. MiroPure Straightener has been described as a secret weapon in the quest for dream hair. Your Miropure can be adjusted to five different settings from ?

Suitable for all hair types: MTC is the new heating standard for hair appliance. What does this mean for you? Heat Quickly, Most Evenly in less than one minute, Save Energy, More Durable, Lasts Longer, significantly reduces overall straightening, hair styling time compared to conventional hair straighteners. We tested it with very curly hair!

About the product and Hair Straightener Brush Review. Custom Engraved Necklaces. Spring fashion grab bag. Ariana Pinedo. This is the one I bought. The girls really like it!! No doubt this is the best ever and an awesome price!!!! Mine was I need one.. I have curly hair and it takes so long. I have no hair and for some odd reason I still am watching. Follow them and she will post another probably next month. I got mine today in the mail..

Thank you!!!!!! Seriously such a game changer. When you have time can you tell me how to order for Maybe if you pin up the top part of hair and just do bottom first. These came back in stock!! Did you see the discount on this Lindsey Parker? I got one! Why are you combing hair in the kitchen? Erin Marie was it you i just had this covo wirh?

I ordered mine on Saturday night ant it was delivered Sunday before noon. Please pick me!!! My daughter needs this!!! Please let me win!!! My daughter needs this so bad. Please have her brush her hair straight back with the straightener. Love this!!!!! Just bought another one for my Daughter. Just ordered mine! Why do I always miss you live?!?!?! What am I doing wrong? I bought this last time it was on for my daughter. Nikki check this out! This one might work!

It takes at least 2 hours. I wood like this but do not have the money. I love it!!! I dont have prime, guess i need to win one lol or someone buy me one pretty please. Has anyone had any problems using the code? Me me me. Hope I win. Would be a great gift for a family member. I have really curly hair. I shared! I need this. I need one for my daughter-in-lawUf Ask a friend or family member with prime to order it and have it shipped to your address!

Lauren Sturgis this would be awesome for your hair! Thank you! Why a fun family! Have a good night! Just ordered one! You guys are the cutest! Just ordered 2!! Thanks a bunch for the code! I use the hot sets when curling my hair with hot rollers. Beautiful kiddos. I missed the Tupperware last night, how often do they have the sales? Super nice of you guys! Thanks for sharing! What are you listening too??? My seven year old daughter UfUfUf You are are awesome. Congrats…so close to Cindi Cada. I could have used that when I had long and thick hair but I cut it. Got it for my daughters birthday March 9th.

Cant wait! I wanna win this for my daughters 18th bday she is a super curly hair girl. Tell them to do smaller sections for thick hair it helps. I have one from last time it was on here. I love it!!!! What was the name of the heat protector. For thin hair. I want to win one. I shared 4 times Uf60cUf60c. I love my! This looks great! The bristles give more and have balls on the end that illuminate frizz. The wet brush is great for kids with tender heads like my girls!

My son has long hair and he only uses the wet brush…. Can we get a better look at her roots? Thank you. Just curious if it was a heavy or light spray. I am going to wait until the next time they give you a code. I am going to get prime next week. Thanks for the code I have really thin hair, always have dried out ends when my hair is too long. Can I see her do her roots? Like light spray.

The coupon code said it was already used for me … boo. I have tried 3 other ones and hated them….. I love this one…. Sally and I believe Walmart have the wet brush! What is the code, I totally want one of these. I have the craziest hair ever! Order mine total mine to Next time you can bug me! I want to try it! I wish I could try that split end brush thing, I always get split ends. How much of it do you use spray each time? How long does the bottle last.

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