Deals damage to player planeswalker

Instead, you redirected damage from targeted players to one of their These targets may be creatures, players, or planeswalkers. Other game.
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Inventors that use the new template. But as an example, check out the current and future text for Duress. Target opponent reveals his or her hand. You choose a noncreature, nonland card from it. That player discards that card. Target opponent reveals their hand. And if this change, in addition to saving words, makes our card text more inclusive for people that don't identify as either a "he" or a "she," that's super awesome as well.

To clarify that a card's ability is used at the time you cast it, we are replacing using the name of the card in such sentences with "this spell.

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Trample Cast Talara's Battalion only if you've cast another green spell this turn. Examples of other cards that will get text updates with this change are Force of Will , Gravecrawler , and Shrapnel Blast , the latter of which you'll see momentarily! We're only making one rules change this time around, but it's a pretty big one.

Those of you who follow me on twitter or are playing in the Magic: The Gathering Arena Closed Beta already have some insight into the change—one that's been a long time coming. We're removing the rule that lets player redirect non-combat damage to opposing planeswalkers, and instead writing on cards or in Oracle, for older cards that a spell or ability can damage a planeswalker.

Yes, this is a pretty big change, with about cards slated to receive errata and many more changing functionally even though their text will remain the same. But Magic will make more sense now. But not knowing if the new card type would be sticking around, we didn't pull the trigger on the massive errata back then, instead coming up with a rule that let players mostly mimic that functionality.

And while " Lightning Bolt your Jace" became an acceptable shortcut, there were always several unwanted unintuitive interactions. For example, Leyline of Sanctity made Bolting Jace impossible, as the Bolt needed to target the hexproof opponent and then be redirected to Jace. Similarly, Turn Aside could not be used to counter a burn spell intended to kill a planeswalker.


An Arc Lightning could not be divided between a planeswalker and its controller. Or a Bonfire of the Damned would kill all of a player's creatures, but only damage one of their planeswalkers, and then the player would no longer be taking damage themselves. Those interactions were really confusing, even for longtime players, and continued to highlight the need for the rules to match players' intuition: So we're letting them. But will we be writing the word "planeswalker" on tons of cards now?

Not as many as you'd think. Our clever solution—for which we tip our hats to Richard Garfield's initial Limited Edition Alpha Lightning Bolt text—is simply to write "any target" on things that can damage creatures, players, or planeswalkers. As promised, here is Shrapnel Blast as an example of that text:. The words "any target" specifically mean "target creature, player, or planeswalker. Not that you were going to try, but I guarantee you someone would ask.


Things that deal damage but don't call for a target will not receive errata, with one exception in Vial Smasher the Fierce. That means cards like Earthquake , Price of Progress , and the activated ability of Hazoret the Fervent can no longer damage planeswalkers. Additionally, we will be issuing similar errata on cards that can prevent damage to make sure the interactions between those cards and planeswalkers is clear.

Some things change, others look like they do but don't. If you are interested in more of the details, look for Eli Shiffrin's Rules Update article that will come out in advance of Dominaria.

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He'll go over everything in more depth and provide lists of all the cards that will be changing. With these new improvements in place, Magic is ready for its next 25 years! Legends look cooler, templates are simpler, planeswalkers work the way they always should have, and Dominaria is right around the corner.

Magic Market Index for Feb 8th, Magic Market Index for Feb 1st, Magic Market Index for Dec 28th, As per my understanding: No, it doesn't, because nowhere does it say that Planeswalker counts as a player. While it can be dealt damage by things like Lava Axe , that damage is actually dealt to the player and redirected to the planeswalker if that is the caster's option.

This rule does not apply to combat damage.

Mtg Origins spoiler: Planeswalkers! (Jace, Chandra, & Nissa!)

A creature attacking a Planeswalker deals damage directly to the planeswalker, unlike the damage from a Lava Axe. Therefore, an unblocked creature attacking a planeswalker and dealing combat damage to it does not classify as combat damage to a player. Stromkirk Noble and Falkenwrath Marauders don't get bigger. Sturmgeist doesnt draw cards, Undead Alchemist doesn't mill you.